Updated Code of Ethics

Updated Code of Ethics


WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of Otay Ranch Five Community Association (hereinafter “Association”) has the power and responsibility to make decisions for the entire community; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors is responsible for appointing officers and committee members and other volunteer leaders who assist in conducting the business of the Association; and

WHEREAS, the volunteer leaders of the Association are responsible for exhibiting a standard and tone of behavior that is in the best interests of the entire community; and

WHEREAS, this Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct (“Code of Ethics” or “Code”) is intended to set standards of ethical conduct in the performance of the duties and business of the Association, and to ensure a culture of honesty, accountability, confidence in, and respect for, the Association’s leadership;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the following principles and guidelines constitute the Code of Ethics which shall be applicable to each Board member, officer, committee member and other volunteer leader (individually or collectively referred to as “Volunteer Leaders”) serving the community:

  1. Volunteer Leaders will use their best efforts at all times to make decisions that represent the interests of everyone served by this Association, that are consistent with high principles, and that protect and enhance the welfare and property value of the Association’s owners and residents.
  2. Each Volunteer Leader agrees to focus his or her efforts on the mission of the Association and to do nothing that would violate the trust of the Association’s members. Volunteer Leaders agree to approach all Association issues with an open mind, prepared to make decisions which are in the best interests of the entire Association.
  3. Volunteer Leaders will not divulge information and documentation received in confidence during executive sessions or confidential or privileged information and documentation received by a Director in the course of the Director’s exercise of his or her right to inspect and copy books, records, and documents of the Association to persons other than other Association Board members, the Association’s professional advisers, and others whose work is essential to the work of the Board as a whole.
  4. Volunteer Leaders will protect the confidentiality of the personal lives of other Volunteer Leaders, owners, residents, and employees.
  5. No Volunteer Leader shall engage in any writing, publishing, or speech making that defames or disparages any other Volunteer Leader, owner, or resident of our community.
  6. Volunteer Leaders shall not harass, threaten, or attempt through any means to control, intimidate, extort, or instill fear in another Volunteer Leader.
of board members or committee members who violate this Code of Ethics, the undersigned
agrees to abide by such procedures.
                   Violations of the Code of Ethics will be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors,
which will then determine what action is appropriate. Such action may include removal of a
committee-member,–removal- firom–off ice-of an-officer, -convening a recall-procedure- for a director,
seeking injunctive relief or other relief in court or other actions or discipline appropriate for the type
of violation.
This Code of Ethics is adopted this _____7_____ day of _____Feb______. 2013 at an executivesession Board meeting whereat a quorum of the Board is present, and it shall become effective
immediately. At the first open session Board meeting after this Code of Ethics is adopted, the
adoption of the Code shall be announced to the members present. Additionally, the minutes of the
meeting shall reflect the adoption of this Code.______________________________Secretary                       Date 

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