RFID access decal application

RFID access decal application


Otay Ranch Five owners may purchase RFID access decals at a cost of $12.50 each for any vehicles they have registered with the Association. These decals activate the Association’s automated entry arm on the outer lanes of the North and South entrances to Otay Ranch Five, enabling drivers with this decal to bypass the manned entry lane during those hours when access to the community is restricted (i.e., dusk to dawn).

The RFID access decals only facilitate vehicular access into Otay Ranch Five. They do not replace the Vehicle Decals or Access Permits that all residents of Otay Ranch Five are required to obtain. The RFID access decals are only available for vehicles that have been registered with the Association.

Applications for RFID access decals are processed within five (5) business days. Once issued, the applicant owner will be notified and the owner’s decals will be provided to the Guard Management Inc. (“GMI”) staff member designated to install these decals. (The RFID access decals can only be installed by the designated GMI staff member.) The dates, time and locations where owners can have their issued RFID access decals installed can be found on the Association’s website, www.OR5Countryside.com.

To obtain RFID access decals, completely fill out this form and mail it, along with $12.50 for each decal being requested, to:


7007 Mission Gorge Road, Suite 201 San Diego, CA 92120

Alternatively, you may e-mail this form to parkingdecalsor5@gmail.com provided you agree for the Association to bill your account by checking the box below. Please note, if you choose to be billed, your RFID access decals will not be activated until the Association receives your payment. Applications will not be accepted by facsimile.

Owners who lease or rent their Otay Ranch Five homes must complete this form for their tenants.

Each Owner who obtains an RFID access decal is responsible for immediately notifying the Association if the vehicle no longer belongs to a resident of their Otay Ranch Five home (e.g., upon sale of the home; upon sale of the vehicle; upon tenant vacating the home) so that the applicable decal(s) can be deactivated.

RFID Application

RFID Application