Painting-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Painting-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)




OTAY RANCH FIVE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Painting-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)




  1. Where can I obtain the paint colors for my home?

  Paint colors for properties should have originally been provided by the developer of the property in escrow packages. The Otay Ranch Five Community Association has obtained some of these and posted them on the website at  . For those not available, paint may need to be taken in to a hardware store for color matching. Stores like Lowes and Home Depot are able to match colors.

  1. If a paint scheme is not available for my home online, what can I do?

  Paint schemes should have been provided as part of the escrow documents for your property. Although the Association has not been provided them all, individuals should have been when they purchased at the property. If you are unable to find any, you may need to hire a contractor to get you a paint match through Home Depot or Lowes to match your current scheme.  

  1. What wood fencing needs to be painted Dunn Edwards Brown Owl?

  The Association can only ask you to address areas that can be seen from the street or by neighbors. The wood fencing mentioned in letters is the wood fence/gates on both sides of your home. Dunn Edwards recently changed the make-up of their paint causing the color to look a little more like a cream paint but once all homeowners paint their fences, all should match creating a consistent look throughout the Community.  

  1. Can I change the color of my home?

The Otay Ranch Five Community documents prohibit homeowners from changing the color away from the color scheme of their home. Paint must remain the same as originally documented by developers.

  1. Where can I obtain the current Rules & Regulations?

All rules documents are posted on the Association’s website at or can be emailed or mailed by Management (copying costs may apply).