Otay Ranch Five News Edition: 5 Winter 2015

Otay Ranch Five News Edition: 5 Winter 2015

Parkway Trees

You may have noticed trees throughout the Community parkways being removed in the last couple months. The reason for this is because the Association landscaper and Community arborist noted that these specific trees were dying. The Board of Directors approved proposals to remove and replant trees but only do so when there is no other option.

Trees that are removed throughout the parkways are being replaced with Drake Elms. Currently the nurseries in the area have run out of these and some of the installations will be delayed because of this. New trees are expected to be received in 6 months.


Community Pictures

Over the past few months, a proposal for Community pictures has been on the agenda for the monthly Board Meetings held at the Meeting Room by the pool. The proposal included options for pictures of amenities to update the Association’s website and property pictures for use by Management and Board of Directors.

Further information regarding this including a community survey can be found at:


The Board of Directors are interested in your feedback as a member. Your participation in this survey would be greatly appreciated! Any responses should be submitted prior to February 18, 2015 for consideration at the February meeting of the Board of Directors.

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