Fire Marshall Community Assessment

Fire Marshall Community Assessment


From: Karen Foster []

Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2013 9:07 AM

To: Karyn Larko

Cc: Derek Olivas; Karen Foster

Subject: Otay Ranch Five Community



Ms. Larko,

Attached you will find the Chula Vista Engineering Subdivision Manual which includes Otay Ranch Street Standards. Page 32 shows the design criteria widths and parking allowances. As I stated on my previous response letter, this is not usually handled by the Fire Department. The design of the streets is part of the development stage of the project. When I was first contacted, it was after the red curbing was painted. What I provided you with was the details for which the red curbing should be painted to meet CVFD minimum standards and a definition of fire access roadways as the California Fire Code defines them. Unfortunately I am not aware of what Geyserville or the surrounding streets were originally designed as. I’ve also attached the City of Chula Vista records request form. Any available information could possibly be obtained through this process. The Engineering Department may have this information on record. If further information is needed, please contact the Engineering Department directly. In their subdivision manual it actually states 24 feet wide without parking, 32 feet wide with parking on one side and 36 feet wide with parking on both sides.


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