Manager: Rachel Garrett, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, CCAM

Community Association Manager/Regional Manager

Admin: Jenny Voss

Community Association Administrator

(619) 591-7250


Guest Coming to Visit after 6pm? Call the Entry Cottage ahead of time!
Feel free to contact one of the Cottages whenever you have a night time guest visiting the property.
Santa Paula Cottage: 619-421-1122
Santa Rosa Cottage: 619-656-9354
A guest pass will be ready upon your guest’s arrival to the cottage.


Need a guest pass but are already in your home? It is not necessary to go back out to the Entry Cottage. Just call GMI 24-hour Dispatch (858) 244-1856 and Community Patrol will come to your home to deliver a pass.

Board Members

Brian McIntosh                  President

Jeff Stephenson                  Vice President

Martin Calvo                       Treasurer

Kevin Carson                       Secretary

Jeff Redondo                       Director

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